Perfect weather for another Karma Kitchen to happen last weekend and we were filled with surprises and many felt deep-ties to the concept and first-hand experience of giftivism by the time they left the cafe on Sunday!  Many experienced Karma Kitchen for the first time and they were happy gift economy model existed rather than a regular consumer economy model.We started the Karma Kitchen with a circle of sharing our intention for being there and a minute of silence, the intentions like being consistent & persistent, support, expansion of generosity and  service flowed beautifully and then volunteers were all ready to receive the guests.

We served south Indian snack idlis (rice cake), eggplant chutney, tamarind chutney and  cooling coconut water. Even though it's a coffee place we wanted people to experience coconut water that's so complimenting to the hot weather! 

People were little hesitant in receiving this snack as gift as it was first time for many of them to taste something very different like "idli" , once they tasted it everyone loved it specially the chutney and many loved the coconut water which was very refreshing to them.  We could see the minds and hearts opening up to new things which was slightly difficult earlier. It was a beautiful moment to witness and experience the joy in it!

We had people from various walks of life visit us -- a mom to a 4 year old, art students from Japan, parents with teenage daughter, expecting mom, but the real surprise was we had a local public radio reporter walk in with her children to experience karma kitchen and also to interview some of us to know our experiences and to spread far and wide the story of how KK manifested in this community.

In all, anyone who walked in as a skeptic to see how this works left with smiles and wanted to be part of it again in the future. It truly felt  life is beautiful as is and we just need an open mind and heart to truly see whatever manifests at Karma Kitchen.
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