How can we ever pay back Nature? Is it possible? Nature works hard and if we allow it to do it's part without interfering then it does exactly the right thing for us... We just need to leave it alone and not mess with it anymore.

We were blessed this year with the gift of this land at the local community garden, not only was the land cleared of weeds it was ready for us to sow seeds.  One early afternoon in March a bunch of us got together and made some seedlings using the coconut shells, to our surprise we had more than 70 seedlings when we were finally ready to start putting them into the ground in early May this year.

We have been fortunate to be working with soil, nurturing ourselves everyday with beautiful conversations and nourishing ourselves with freshly grown vegetables and fruits! The only thing added to soil is home made compost with vegetable and fruits peels.  More can be seen in the pictures below... We are very grateful to all our friends who have helped us learn and grow these vegetables and our inner journey by connecting to nature in a very profound  way!

You see Bruschetta made with all garden grown yellow squash, tomato and onion with a little salt and pepper!! The whole process was awesome!!          



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