We from Heart of the Bay were delighted to present the Karma Kitchen at the Lungs of the bay that is the community gardens located centrally in Hayward, close to downtown last Sunday for the first time.   It was such a nice feeling to see the idea of paying it forward restaurant being graciously accepted and loved by the Hayward community garden directors who wanted us to step in the gardens and do this for the first time ever, thank you all deeply from our heart.

We were not sure how the weather is going to be on a September day, but mother nature also seemed to like the idea of doing the Karma Kitchen at the gardens, who poured us with great sunshine with a mix of cool winds for all of us to enjoy what the Karma kitchen and Open house at the gardens offered to all who came in.

We were blessed to learn the necessary tools to start a garden, compost,  and work with worms to make this world a little better than we all came in to be.  We also had a chance to learn about the "Bees" who are the reason for the food that we consume to be on our tables every day and night.  We also learned some more beautiful projects in other parts of the world like Sudan, where a dear friend/ farmer is helping build school and cultivate the soil and soul to spread more peace and love!

Finally no gatherings are done with out serving the food to all our guests,  we were keen on keeping this nature friendly and we are happy to say we were able to do it exactly as we envisioned it to be. We served sandwiches made with fresh garden produce from the community gardens topped it with tomato chutney and green gram sprouts and the best part was served it all on grape leaves ready to be composted and goes back to the mother earth to make our soil more fertile and wholesome! The whole day was spent in having beautiful conversations, gifting each other with fresh produce so people can continue eating good food rest of the week as well.

We are grateful to each and every volunteer who cooked the food, sorted the gifting away vegetables from the garden and farmers , set up the tables, chairs, canopies and every guest to make this day a beautiful and memorable for all who were  present in the gardens! THANK YOU....

More in pictures below...



10/19/2012 12:44pm

That was a memorable karma kitchen day :). I loved serving food on grape leaves. The pictures are wonderful!


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