Recently, a co-worker I never met sent this broadcast mail to our company-wide email-list, it said -

"I have a family member who is diabetic and unfortunately needs to have his leg amputated. He is 51 years old. His spirits are low and ...he is losing hope. Do you have any recommendations for books to inspire and instill hope?

Thank you,"

My spontaneous response was as such --

"Dear Friend --

So sorry to hear that, wish your friend continued strength and hope, please have him watch some of these inspirational videos, I'm sure he will find solace and dig deep to discover courage within (see this inspiring one about an old lady who dug deep to not only survive, but to thrive and live well, there are several more like that here that will inspire your friend and sure to give him hope to win his suffering) --
This is what I do when I need to dig out of life's challenges, a lot of my friends share the same experiences. Hope this helps.

In addition, I'm sure your friend can deeply connect and relate to this story I had blogged about a while back (this was the stories from Dr. V's InfiniteVision event in our local community), here it is -

Sending Health & Healing Thoughts,
LiveWell :-)"

The co-worker writes back thanking profusely from heart and sends an update that the family is trying best to stay positive.

In another couple of days, I notice this in my in-box from that day's DailyGood, my response seeing it was to hit forward to share this with this new friend, and send it with this note - "Thorught of you when I started reading about these gems, hope they add more rays of hope -- 7 Essential Books on Optimism

Smiles :-)"


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