A beautiful experience emerged from our Community Yoga practice. This week, along with other participants, a young athlete also joined the group practice for the very first time. I had witnessed this person playing Badminton, he has an excellent flair for this game -- reflexes, positioning and sound strategy. We got to learn that he's very active in the local Badminton circuits. It was beautiful to see this person embrace the practice of Yoga. Observing from his movements & alignments through the flow of the practice, it was clear, like so many other athletes, he needed deep improvements in the area of flexibility.

He managed to persist, survive the full session :-) of the energy flow. In the end, as we concluded the practice with our customary deep relaxation to body & mind (and a group offering of  gratitude for the greater good of all beings)  the beautiful smile on his face said it all. He's in it for life. Witnessing this spontaneous transformations week after week, practice after practice, person after person has been a beautiful journey. Personally, I'm grateful for this opportunity to be an instrument to hold the space for smiles to emerge naturally. A thought immediately flashed, flexibility at one level (physical) could simultaneously stretch one's others dimensions (mind & emotions) as well. Commit to a regular practice, speaking from personal experience it's the sure way to improve flexibility in all dimensions of one's total personality.