Karma Kitchen Hayward indeed has become a place for all to deeply connect back to the earth in many ways. Many stories emerged from this months Karma Kitchen and we are very grateful that we got to experience these beautiful moments.

Ann, Sandy, Gauri, Prakash all made this happen with their dedication and passion to change our  community and to spread more generosity and abundance to all who walk into the gardens. Deeply grateful to have you all in my circle of life.  Whether it was picking yams and baking them, picking grape leaf to serve the food, and grapes to serve with yams, rasam and chutney,  every ones enthusiasm and energy was boundless :-))

All our guests who walked in felt at home as there were no strangers, they were  all  able to connect deeply to farmers and soil.  The couple walking through the gardens discovered the 88 year old father and son working away and were able to have a meaningful chat and receive the gift of the fresh produce from them, two complete strangers being connected by the thread of soil and soul!

Few more decided to join in and help in separating the beans from pods,  a little 2 year old also joined in this gifting party:-)) it was great to see great grand ma and little one volunteering together to spread smiles and health.

Everyone who walked in the gardens that day gifted us with their  smiles, hugs and generosity to pay forward the meals to more in the coming year and walked away feeling abundant, receiving the gift of nature from farmers and for sure the soil! 

More in pictures below: