In continuation of a recent blog, would like to share some of the key insights emerging from our experiments of working with Nature -- specifically, cultivating soil through composting.  Inspired from a local earth day event some years back, my wife and I with local community people started a new project to make our own composting from wastes.

It started as a result of another experiment I had started in an effort to deepen awareness around all the stuffs I use in everyday life, primarily around what do I put into trash? what do I put into recycle? how much water I use? how much energy I use? what happens to the stuffs I put into trash? how far does it have to be hauled before being buried into earth in the form of landfills? what can I do in my own small way to reduce these impacts, how can be of service to Mother Nature in my everyday actions? how can I channel my energy and enthusiasm to do something beautiful in life and bring some joy to plants & people around? and so on...

This lead to experiments after experiments, each day giving amazing insights. Here are some learning moments along this continuous journey.
  1. Nature Nurtures:
  2. Nature Teaches:
  3. Nature Manifests Abundance:
  4. Nature Surprises:
  5. Nature Communicates:
  6. Nature Heals:
  7. Nature Forgives:
  8. Nature builds Communities:
  9. Nature gives Love:
  10. Nature shows by Example:
  11. Nature gives Unconditionally to All:
  12. more soon :-) ....

To be continued with personal stories for each of the above insights...


We have weekly Yoga practice at home on Mondays. It has been a blessing for both of us in many ways for a past few years and we feel humbled and blessed to have the opportunity to use our living space in this way for people to come together every week. Many beautiful stories have unfolded in our living room for the past few years and every story has made a profound shift in us to trust the universe and it's actions towards us.

This morning was no different, we all shared a beautiful practice, circle of sharing and a vegan breakfast made by one of the love warriors. As everyone were leaving sharing hugs and byes, we noticed a beautiful flower smiling at us at our door step, each petal was vibrant with positivity and sharing with us the same positive energy. Now the flower lies at the feet of Buddha in our living space filling our living room with more love and peace. We feel so blessed and abundant!

We remind ourselves of these beautiful moments whenever we see the dark clouds in and around us and moments like today morning brings in the ample amount of sunshine to clear our minds and helps us to lead a beautiful life!

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for all the experiences that universe is sending our way, and we are very happy to use the space in our home in a very meaningful way.

A friend recently asked us to share some insights from our life that might inspire others to practice especially the next generation - our children. This friend asked this in context to preparation for a community event where 100s of people gather few times every year in celebration of a common theme such as celebration of a festival. So, ideas here might seem oriented towards one specific event, however, upon deeper look, it becomes clear that it could apply to all of our daily life. So, here they are -
  1. Encourage carpools, especially for those coming from same neighborhoods. Consider doing it everyday starting today to drive the neighborhood children to schools and other classes (music, dance, sports & such after school activities).
  2. Science projects - let children experiment with growing some fresh produce in your or a friend's back yard.
  3. Take stock of what goes into the waste/trash & recycles in a typical day in your household, have children understand their impacts and see how the impacts can be reduced.
  4. Building neighborhood recreation just by walking groups, volunteering in local park, removal of graffiti using Eco-friendly products, visiting a local community  garden. 
  5. Build local projects for kids to understand the food sources, have a close relationship with food source by growing them, meeting local farmers by visiting farmers markets, local farms and bee-keepers to learn about bees and honey, this will help to create curiosity in kids and also a need to grow their own food.   
  6. Have kids understand their own energy usage specially lap tops, ipad, ipod and the list continues, impact of playing video games on their own health and the environment.
  7. Have children know the amount of toys, clothes they have and may be they can share it with their friends and family, in this way they can experience generosity in a small way! 
  8. A wise person shared a gem with us some time back, that the right age to start meditating is not fifty, we can start this inner journey by the age of eight and it is a prime reason we are experiencing this physical body and let us all not waste a minute of this life from now on!. Are you game for it?
Thank you Dharma Comics for sharing your creative work.

My life is occupied with simple things, here's a glimpse of my life as it's unfolding today -
  • Woke up early (4:21 am as usual), did self-care, self-reflections, listening to self while listening to melodies music.
  • Share my Yoga practice with the community.  Our home is open to community to walk in for Sunrise Yoga practice, a sharing that's been flowing for the past few years now.
  • Share breakfast with community, few offer the food, everyone honor opportunity to receive it.
  • Day usually starts with thanking Daily-Gooders and my day job around 9 am.
  • Have a healthy lunch cooked with love by my wife.
  • Watch Karmatube video at work lunch break -- beautiful inspiration for the day. Helped me find an answer to the reflective questions - "What good shall I do today?."
  • Do some good while at work, for example - while walking to restrooms turn-off any unused lights in conference rooms, see dripping water faucet? close down the faucet securely to stop the dripping, clean up any litter in the restroom left by someone before the janitors had to attend to it (a small way to tag these hard working janitors), use no paper towels to wipe the hands, use personal water mugs (instead of single use plastic/paper cups although they are conveniently placed next to the water dispensers), walk from the farthest car garage instead of driving to the one closet to my office -- leaves the closer spots to someone needing it more , walk to our office health/fitness center for a personal celebration through a dedicated fitness regimen, and few more such simple things done with an attitude of smile :-).
  • Send few more thank you notes to share the essence of  "Be well, Do well, Smile & Share." And share the simple everyday stories that emerge as the ripples of these simple kindness.
  • Reach back home by evening (~6:30pm) for reflective (read, write & contemplative silence) time with family.
  • Day is beautiful, some day might turn out to be not as smooth as this one, however, will make a shift in my attitude to make it a beautiful one for myself and at least few around.

 Bhagavadgita - It's an awesome gift that India has given to the world and I totally feel it's a masterpiece and it has all the lessons that we humans need to learn from time to time...

This was very cleverly embedded in the epic story Mahabharata, with battlefield being the scene, where one of the warrior Arjuna questions about the internal dilemma that he is facing on the battlefield. This is exactly what we face internally every day and it is when we open up we find the answers within us.

Lord Krishna didn't need to impart lessons on the battlefield as he had been giving these subtle lessons to the Pandavas all the years, but we still see that the mind is not capable to remember those lessons in the war and Arjuna needs a battlefield to learn very important life lessons from Lord Krishna.

Our teacher Prabhaji gave us a glimpse of these wise words and as usual it was a delight to hear her. As many of you know Bhagavadgita starts with a depressed mind, unsure of the truth and so the Lord Krishna says that a depressed mind is incapable of listening to the truth, as it is still a ego-filled mind, so to listen to the wise words with full attention and no judgments, one has to shed their ego and be open to listening and receiving the lessons that is being shared. When we read the first few chapters we see that Arjuna is in no state to hear these words, as he is still engrossed in the ignorance along with depression. So Krishna allows him to speak his mind and listens intently, he only says a word when Arjuna begins to listen to him in the next chapter. 

Krishna talks and answers him with patience and it does not end soon, these teaching continue till 18th chapter with Krishna  also showing him his real vision of himself and the universe. Arjuna has more questions about life and war, that is when Krishna says I can only show you the path it is up to you to choose the right path (Dharma) and act accordingly to know self and do the right thing.

Bhagavadgita also says that it is important to take only what we need and work hard to be successful but be detached from the success, take care of all the needy ones in this world. It does not advise renunciation to achieve self realization,  instead we need to live our life according to the dharma , carry on our  responsibilities towards others and self and very important lesson is to be less dependent on external means and rely upon self to reach self realization.