Dear Friends -

Love share sampling of the ripples flowing in all directions from this recent event. Here they are -

"Indeed, yesterday's talk was riveting and the author/presenter was outstanding both as a professional and especially as an individual. Thank you for organizing this very inspiring event and thanks too for encouraging me to attend. The little extra nudging from you worked!
I know that we have met before, but hadn't really interacted in any meaningful capacity. I'm blown away by your dedication and your enthusiasm. You're a beautiful young couple living a purposeful life with evolved aspirations. We don't see that everyday. Bravo! Thank you for doing what you do--it's motivating for the rest of the world to follow in your footsteps. One thing I forgot to do yesterday was to sign my book for you. Will do it the next time we meet :)
Thanks again and take care."

"I want to thank you again for your wonderful presentation on Saturday. The room was abuzz with enthusiasm and interest in your book, and for you! You did a great job presenting the subject for those who haven't yet read the book. It was clear and coherently presented, and impressive! It was really an honor for us to host you."

"It was a wonderful afternoon for us. Really pleasure to be with the guests and of course any time with you folks. Thanks for organizing it and making us part of it as well. We will continue meet up for this kind of events moving forward. With this + went to HSS shakha on Sunday and then my 1 hr walk + Visit to Fremont temple + my usual surya namaskara + Kriya- made my weekend beatufiul actually."

"Just wanted to say thank you again for forwarding me the information for the Infinite Vision talk at the library.  I really enjoyed it.  It was also nice to see you again, even briefly, and to meet your wife.  I hope to make it to a yoga class or cooking class in the near future, and I have another talk at the library in May, maybe I'll see you both again soon!
Take care :-)"

"I have so much to share that I dont know where to start. Let me start by saying that I am glad I did  dishes on Amma's birthday at the ashram :). If not, I may not have met the both of you. It is amazing how people's path cross and I am super happy ours did.  
The talk by Pavi  (on "Infinite Vision" ) last weekend at the library was incredible to say the least. Thank you so much for including me in this wonderful experience. I was at the Wednesday yesterday. It was a sacred space of learning and recognizing the commonality in all of us.  
I am getting into a wonderful space of knowing and experiencing inspiring things.. thank you so much for playing a crucial part in that. As you know, I am planning on starting a resource center for children with disabilities in India. With all these wonderful experiences, I feel like I am getting closer and closer to my dream.   I look forward to seeing both of you soon. 
Take care
In spirit,"

Many of you requested for the full video of the documentary that was showed after the author's speaking live event, here it is for you -

We encourage you to share further reflections and your stories from personal journey and learning moments from these events -- Thank you.

Smiles :-)
LiveWell :-)



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